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The dominance of conventional classroom lecturing as a mode of teaching and learning management education has increasingly been questioned for its appropriateness. Hence it is no surprise that leading US business schools, in the recent past, are reported to have been pursuing alternative approaches of non-classroom education.  It was nearly a decade ago that we,  at the Hindu College realized this need. The softer but crucial aspects of management training are "character" or "attitude" building, developing a mind-set for holistic, systematic thinking and recognizing skills for administration; all these in addition to the conventional inputs towards development of analytic, rational skills. In order to pursue a pedagogic strategy that can address these needs effectively, we  are striving hard. .

Pedagogic innovations based on commitment to simple but practical objectives, namely 'influencing practice' and 'promoting value-based growth', have found deep roots in our academic program. And, to our satisfaction, a few of these are now being emulated at other institutions. Recognizing the primary accountability of an adult student for learning, and being socially responsive, have been our beliefs, and are epitomized in the words of Peter.F.Drucker and Shiv Khera  that invariably appear epigraphically in all our formal communications.

We have several ideas that we propose to present to the business community. We believe that walls that currently exist in the society between organizations that serve each other are a hindrance to overall social performance. We are looking forward to a positive response from the academic and business community to our programs and plans. Any guidance and suggestions towards this end would be most welcome.